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Jun 14th, 2012
eCommerce in Africa: A Fertile Venture for Start up Companies

eCommerce in Africa is continuously gaining ground. As the internet and communication infrastructures in Africa continue to improve, the opportunities for eCommerce to flourish continue to improve as well. Africans, consumers and business people, are trying to make use of the internet. They try to join the global village and connect to the world. Start up companies are major players in African eCommerce. From the outset of the digital era, eCommerce and start up companies have had a symbiotic relationship. They feed off each other; they benefit from each other. Without eCommerce, modern start up companies will not grow and realize their potential, and similarly, access to a payment gateway and online merchant services are essential in conducing business online. Similarly, without start up companies, eCommerce will not thrive.


Online Start up Companies: The Future of eCommerce in Africa

In a dynamic innovative market like eCommerce, it makes sense that, in some cases, start up companies can be the suppliers to other start up companies. In the case of payment gateway and online merchant services an example of this is the start up company, evriPay ( The business model of this company relies on the upsurge of start up companies driving the eCommerce of Africa. evriPay provides eCommerce solutions to small business, especially start ups. It provides the platform for these businesses to set up their online shop. It provides the payment services that are required to transact internationally. It takes care of the business side of the business.

Two of evriPay’s business solutions are payments gateway and online merchant services. These services are essential in setting up an online business or start up company. These solutions are secure and reliable in taking care of the money matters involved in the day-to-day business operations. They are the ones responsible for facilitating the transactions between the companies and their customers.


Africans Support Equals Successful eCommerce

Without African consumers, eCommerce and start up companies will not go far. They should be well informed about the world of the internet and the opportunities it provides. If they are unaware, they will not partake or participate in the eCommerce or patronize the products or services offered by the start up companies. So, people of Africa should support eCommerce to boost the business sector in Africa and encourage more capital to run in the business community. And in turn, if eCommerce becomes a stable business prospect, it will provide more jobs to many Africans and substantial tax collections for the government. So in the end, everybody is compensated and rewarded.


eCommerce in Africa Has a Great Future

With the continuous improvement of the internet and communication infrastructures in major cities in Africa and the upsurge of start up companies staking their claim on the web, it is only a matter of time before eCommerce becomes the norm in the business community in Africa. And if the people of Africa join in and support the cause, this potential will be realized sooner than expected.



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